Lorenzo Gil Sánchez

A software engineer learning every day.

I build software for a living. I’m very fortunate because I love writing software. Right now, I live in San Mateo (California). But previously I have lived in Seville (Spain), Sao Carlos (Brazil) and Granada (Spain), where I come from.

You can find some of my public work at Github or Bitbucket. Among my personal projects I’m most proud of Yith Library, a password manager I wrote with a friend. As with most fun projects I learnt a lot making that tool. Same thing when I built my own 3D printer. Fun times.

I don’t write too much stuff on the Internet but sometimes I do it on Twitter or in Mastodon, which I prefer. I used to have a blog and sometimes I still write some articles but that happens very rarely. I miss my Advogato account.

Nowadays I like to focus on algorithms and computer science fundamentals. While everybody is learning about deep learning, blockchain or the next Javascript framework, I’m actually enjoying reading about compilers and databases. Oh yes, I’m also learning Rust :-)